About Us

Hello!  We are

C.J. & Janet Northrup

We are the owners, winemakers, vineyard workers, floor sweepers, glass washers…  Basically everything!

We enjoy carefully tending to our Famici Estate Vineyard. It takes a lot of work!  So, we enlisted our closest friends and family to be a part of this journey – our Famici. What was once a dream has now (literally) grown into a vineyard, winery, and tasting room.

We hope you stop by soon, we’d love to meet you!

Meet Rusty

Rusty was adopted in 2022, from West Valley Humane Society. He is a work in progress. He is currently working on curbing his cow dog instinct of herding our friends with butt nips, but he loves to stop by the tasting room to say hello to the Famici friends and family!

Stay tuned for the Annual Rusty’s Charity Event!

Meet the Team


How did you get into the wine industry?    I made the leap to wine in 2022. Since joining Famici, I’ve been able to help in the vineyard all summer which has been the most amazing experience!

What is your favorite wine on the menu at Famici? The 2020 Estate Vineyard Blend. I am a sucker for anything with Petit Verdot, and the blend has such a beautiful smoothness for the robust flavor profile. 

Little about me… I’m originally from Pennsylvania! Before I moved to Idaho Wine Country, I was a graphic designer for a marketing firm. I still get to utilize my passions for graphic design and photography at Famici!


How did you get into the wine industry?  I started out by helping pick grapes at Famici. I enjoy meeting people and learning about wines. 

What is your favorite wine on the menu at Famici? The 2017 Reserve Malbec, it’s smooth and has a mellow taste. Works great with beef and pasta.

Little about me… I sang in bands in Denver, Seattle and Sacramento. Ended up singing a song with a band at a wedding in Australia. Also wrote film reviews for a book called Video Movie Guide back in the 80’s and 90’s that was published in Ballantine books.


What do you love about wine? I always love the atmosphere that’s created around wine, more smiles and positivity. I love the sophistication and the story behind wine. 

What is your favorite wine on the menu at Famici? The 2017 Reserve Malbec, tastes like chocolate in a bottle!

Little about me… I have quick comebacks! I am bilingual and always on the lookout to meet other Germans.